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Madagascar Ideal Adventures specialises in organising bespoke Malagasy tours for individuals/couples or small groups. We work together with you to design an itinerary which, with your own guide and driver, will provide you with a holiday experience you will never forget.

Madagascar is a paradise for those who wish to encounter the unique animals and plants, the various cultures and interesting geography of this amazing island.

Our guides are English/French speaking Malagasy staff and have a wealth of natural, cultural and historical knowledge that they love to share with visitors. We also offer various related services such as arranging car rental, accommodation and any internal flights and tickets – just email us with your requirements.

You will be consulted at all stages of the construction and costing of your programme to ensure you get just the trip you want at exceptional value.

Your Malagasy experience can be made to measure, to suit your requirements. Whether its luxury hotels or more general accommodation, whether you want to explore the rain forests, the spiny forests or walk the Baobab avenue, whether you want to scale mountains or relax on sandy beaches or all that and more – we can design the perfect tour package for you.

If your interest is in photography we can provide you with the opportunity to get that shot you’ve always wanted of the various lemurs, the chameleons and amphibians that you will find in no other country. Landscape photographers will be in their element!

For the more activity-orientated, our guides also have specialised skills and are able to supervise canoeing, trekking and cycling activities.

Ultimately, whatever your pace of life, come and enjoy the unique experience that is Madagascar, with your Malagasy travel partner – Madagascar Ideal Adventures!

The MIA Team


I grew up and still live in Antsirabe, Madagascar, a country that has always been a brew of vastly different cultures. It has fuelled my fascination for the different cultures of the world, both ancient and modern.

After university I worked in a hospital centre and was responsible for financial management. In 2007 I decided to pander again to my love of travel and dislike of the great indoors and I returned to tour management.

My favourite places are found on the west coast of Madagascar. These easily reachable areas still retain their original unique character with fantastic scenery and hospitable people. I speak French, English and probably German.


Since I was a child I have been fascinated with the outdoors and travelling. Born in Tana I first worked at book-keeping but, realising that I wanted to see more of the world, I decided to study Tourism Management in Antananarivo.

During and after my studies I was guiding all over Madagascar leading many different nationalities around this beautiful country - people from America, Great Britain, Australia, Holland, France and Germany...

My favourite destination is the Pic Boby trek because of the fantastic landscapes, quiet surroundings and challenging environment it offers. I speak English, French and basic German.


My name is Joseph and I started as a boatman and then became captain of a pirogue (small river boat) more than 20 years ago!

I have been part of the dedicated team at Madagascar Ideal Adventures for over 6 years, encouraging and enabling tourists to fulfill their own dreams in this magical country and embark on incredible adventures. That's what makes me tick! I hope that you will come and join us!

The Magical Tropical Island

5 Days  |  July to early September

Antananarivo – Maroantsetra – Masoala – Nosy Mangabe

Journey to Madagascar's pristine rain forests and meet the intriguing wildlife that inhabits them. Enjoy a visit to the market town of Maroantsetra, The Masoala National Park and the beautiful rain forest covered island of Nosy Mangabe.

Canoeing Down The Tsiribihina

5 Days  |  March to November

Antananarivo - Antsirabe - Miandrivazo - Tsaraotana - Morondava

This five day tour combines a canoe trip down the Tsiribihina River using a traditional wooden boat made from timber endemic to the region. Our journey will take about three days and we will spend around six to seven hours a day on the river. Explore the Sakalava countryside from a different perspective and at night, sleep on the river shores sharing the campsites with turtles and crocodiles...

Famous Indri & The Dancing Lemur

7 Days  |  All Year Round

Antananarivo – Andasibe – Fort Dauphin – Berenty

This tour enables visitors to experience the amazing and varied landscapes and unique biodiversity of Madagascar. In Andasibe, you will have the opportunity to see the Indri-Indri, the biggest of the lemurs in Madagascar reaching up to 1 meter in size. It lives in small family groups communicating with others with loud ghostly howls. In Berenty, known as the Kingdom of the Lemurs, you will see the well-documented Ring-tailed Lemur (Maki) and the Dancing Lemur (Sifaka) as well as other species including Brown Lemurs, the nocturnal Lemurs and Mouse Lemurs - a feast day for any photographer!

Discover The West Coast of Madagascar

8 Days  |  March to November

Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Miandrivazo – Belo sur Tsiribihina – Bekopaka – Morondava

Canoe down the Tsiribihina River and visit to the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park. Explore the Sakalava country as you travel down the river and sleep on the river shores. Visit the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park - a spectacular mineral forest, formed by a labyrinth of sharp stone needles, is an incredible sight and offers wonderful trekking opportunities through the bizarre and unique Tsingys. Journey back to Morondava passing through the Avenue des Baobabs where we find giant trees clustering together...

Smooth National Road No. 7

9 Days  |  All Year Round

Antananarivo – Antisrabe – Ranomafana – Amblavao – Ranohira – Toliara – Anakao

This nine-day tour enables visitors to experience the amazing and varied landscapes and unique biodiversity of Madagascar. Travelling in small groups passing through 4 different microclimates we will see the many different plants and animals, including the lemurs, found in these specialized habitats. In brief, a tour that combines discovery, authenticity, fun, humanity, and a Malagasy gastronomic experience. Connecting with local communities and different ethnic groups along the route.

Contrasting Beauty of the North

11 Days  |  All Year Round

Antananarivo – Antsohihy – Antsiranana - Ramena – Ambanja – Nosy Be Island

Journey across warmest region of Madagascar, starting with a visit to Ankarafantsika national park, followed by an exploration of the rainforest of Montagne d’Ambre with its localized kinds of lemurs, frogs and chameleons and lots of endemic plants. Visit the special reserve of Ankarana, a wilderness of caves, pinnacles and canyons, to see deciduous and stone forests. Finally, relax on the beaches of three different bays beside the emerald sea.

Madagascar Trekking Expedition

12 Days  |  All Year Round

Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ibity – Andringitra NP – Rahonira – Isalo NP – Toliara – Anakao

A whirlwind tour with an emphasis on hiking and exposure to the landscapes and nature of the wondrous island of Madagascar.

Natural Beauty of Madagascar

14 Days  |  All Year Round

Antananarivo – Andasibe – Miandrivazo – Antsirabe – Fianarantsoa – Manakara – Ranomafana – Ambalavao – Ranohira – Toliara – Anakao

The emphasis of this tour holiday is seeing a wide variety of wildlife in diverse habitats (rainforests, tropical dry deciduous forest, lakes, coast and coral reef). You should have enchanting encounters with many lemur species, chameleons, geckos, and endemic birds on day and night walks, as well as enjoy the beautiful reefs and marine life from an idyllic tropical island.

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